About Us

About Worldwide Footprints Ltd

Worldwide Footprints started life as a small family run business producing unique multimedia products.  However, the family behind Worldwide Footprints has a vision that goes beyond this original goal.  It was clear early into the life of the company that Worldwide Footprints could play a much bigger role in our world today.

By producing pioneering products which showcase the Worlds natural and historic beauty, Worldwide Footprints wants to provide a virtual window on the World which can be opened whenever and wherever.


Worldwide Footprints measures its success in a very different way to many other companies.  Where many companies gauge success by profit margins, Worldwide Footprints gauges success by the difference it can make to the world through the products it sells.  Obviously a healthy profit is important because a company cannot function without funds; however, we feel that there is so much more to success.