Web Design Process

Web Design Process

We have a very clear method of working with our clients and feel it helps to explain exactly what you can expect when you get in touch with us.


The initial contact, be it by telephone or e-mail will give us the chance to talk briefly about your requirements, and we can arrange to come out and visit you at your earliest convenience. This will allow us to gain a better insight into your ideas and needs. We are also there to answer any questions you may have at this point, however silly you think they may be.


1. Identify and Define


Stage one is critical, this is where we identify exactly what you want and define how we are going to achieve it. These conversations are integral to how the website will be taken forward and will affect the end result. At the end of this stage, we will all have a clear insight as to what is going to happen, a site map will be completed and any documentation will be finalised.


2. Plan and Design Site


Stage two is where we will determine the website's overall look and feel; this stage is most definitely the most difficult. Establishing the design is a major part of the whole process and needs to be right from the start. This can be time consuming as every client's needs and ideas vary and communication from the client is absolutely critical at this stage to ensure success.


3. Development Stage


The Development stage can already be in full swing long before the Design has been agreed upon. The whole website's infrastructure can be built and a large amount of the contents and information added to the database. The website is then fully tested and any errors are identified and corrected.


4. Release and Go Live


Once everyone is totally happy with the website it is then signed off by us and it is then ready to go live to the public. At this point we place the website live on the World Wide Web and resubmit the domain to the major search engines for indexing.


5. Evaluation and Support


We believe strongly that our job does not end there. Once the site is live for all to view we will then follow up with the client to gain valuable feedback on how the site is working for the end users. On some occasions there may need to be a revision to tweak a small aspect of the site. If at any time you need help or something is wrong we are always easy to contact.